Husn Lyrics: Translation and Meaning in English


Husn is a beautiful and metaphorical term in Urdu poetry that signifies beauty, elegance, and charm. In many classical Urdu and Hindi songs, ‘husn’ is a key theme that often symbolizes love, aesthetics, and the divine. In this article, we will delve into the lyrics of popular songs containing the word ‘husn,’ exploring their translation and deeper meaning in English.

Song 1: Husn Hai Suhana

The song “Husn Hai Suhana” from the movie “Coolie No. 1” is a peppy and upbeat track celebrating the beauty and allure of a beloved. The lyrics, penned by Sameer Anjaan, beautifully capture the admiration and infatuation the protagonist feels towards their love interest’s beauty. The term ‘husn’ in this song reflects not just physical beauty but also the inner charm and magnetism of the person. The catchy tune and playful lyrics make it a favorite at parties and weddings.


“Husn Hai Suhana” translates to “Beauty is Charming.” The song exudes joy and excitement as the singer describes the mesmerizing beauty of their beloved and how it captivates everyone around.

Song 2: Aye Husn Zara Jaag Tujhe Ishq Jagaye

This classic song from the movie “Parinda” is a soulful rendition of love and longing. The lyrics, written by Khurshid Hallauri, use ‘husn’ to reference not just the physical beauty of the beloved but also their overall grace and charisma. The song conveys deep emotions and the power of love to awaken the beloved from their slumber.


“Aye Husn Zara Jaag Tujhe Ishq Jagaye” can be translated as “Oh Beauty, Wake Up, Let Love Awaken You.” The song beautifully portrays the intensity of love and the yearning to be united with the beloved.

Song 3: Dil Chura Le, O Chand Se Chehre Wale

In this romantic track from the movie “Dil To Pagal Hai,” the lyricist Anand Bakshi uses the term ‘husn’ to describe the captivating beauty of the moon-faced beloved. The song expresses the protagonist’s desire to steal the heart of their beloved, who possesses an enchanting and irresistible charm.


“Dil Chura Le, O Chand Se Chehre Wale” translates to “Steal My Heart, O One with the Moon-like Face.” The song beautifully captures the magic and allure of the beloved’s beauty, comparing it to the celestial charm of the moon.

Meaning of ‘Husn’ in Urdu Poetry

In Urdu poetry, ‘husn’ transcends mere physical beauty and embodies a deeper, spiritual significance. Poets often use ‘husn’ to symbolize the divine beauty of the beloved, representing perfection, grace, and harmony. It is not just about outward appearance but also about inner qualities such as kindness, compassion, and purity of heart. ‘Husn’ in Urdu poetry serves as a metaphor for the beloved’s alluring presence that enchants the lover’s soul.

The Essence of ‘Husn’ in Songs

In songs, ‘husn’ is a recurring motif that adds a layer of romance, desire, and admiration to the lyrics. It represents the ideal of beauty that captivates the protagonist and drives the narrative forward. Whether in peppy dance numbers or soulful melodies, the mention of ‘husn’ evokes a sense of enchantment and infatuation, making it a timeless theme in Indian music.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What does ‘husn’ mean in Urdu?
  2. ‘Husn’ in Urdu signifies beauty, elegance, and charm. It is a term used to describe physical attractiveness as well as inner grace and allure.

  3. How is ‘husn’ different from ‘jamal’ in Urdu poetry?

  4. While ‘husn’ emphasizes beauty in a broader sense, including both physical and inner beauty, ‘jamal’ specifically refers to physical beauty and comeliness.

  5. Why is ‘husn’ a popular theme in Indian songs?

  6. ‘Husn’ symbolizes love, desire, and admiration, making it a beloved theme in Indian music. It adds a romantic element to songs and conveys the magic of being in love.

  7. Can ‘husn’ be interpreted metaphorically in poetry?

  8. Yes, ‘husn’ is often used metaphorically in poetry to represent the divine beauty of the beloved, transcending mere physical attractiveness.

  9. Are there any famous Urdu poets who extensively used ‘husn’ in their works?

  10. Poets like Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, and Faiz Ahmed Faiz have incorporated the theme of ‘husn’ in their poetry, exploring its various dimensions and symbolic meanings.

In conclusion, ‘husn’ in Urdu songs and poetry embodies the essence of beauty, love, and admiration. Its multifaceted nature allows for rich interpretations, making it a timeless theme that continues to enchant listeners and readers alike. The celebration of ‘husn’ in art reflects the eternal quest for beauty and perfection that lies at the heart of human emotions and creativity.


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