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Hi there! I’m looking for someone knowledgeable in the field of real estate to write a guest post for my blog.

What is Real Estate?

Real estate is a term for all of the individual ownership interests in a piece of property. This encompasses not only the land but anything that is affixed to it, such as buildings, crops and mineral rights. These ownership interests can be owned individually or collectively, and the property may belong to one owner or to many owners. It is also possible for the property to belong to a government entity, it is then considered public property.

Terms used in real estate:

– Real Estate Agent – Someone who provides services as an agent for parties wishing to buy, sell, lease or rent real estate. They must be licensed or registered with provincial or territorial regulatory authorities.

– Real Estate Corporation – A company that owns, develops and manages rental properties on behalf of investors through its stockholders. Such companies are usually incorporated under provincial legislation.

– Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) – A trust that makes real estate investments and invests its profits in other assets, such as stocks or bonds. It is considered to be a type of corporation.

– Land – The part of the earth’s surface that is owned by a person or organization. This includes all land within municipal boundaries, but not other public lands, such as provincial parks or federal land.

– Property – An object that people own and can own individually or collectively. For example it can be something tangible, like a house, or it can be intangible like shares in a company.

– Land Title – A document that records the ownership of all types of land, including real estate properties located in different municipalities.

– Property Tax – A tax assessed by a government on the value of property.

– Mortgage – A security agreement or term in which a lender gives a borrower money (typically for property) as a loan with an obligation to repay the money over time, usually for an agreed period of time. The mortgage is secured by the personal property interest of the borrower, and normally involves interest payments along with other terms that must be met.

– Landlord – An individual or organization that rents out real estate. For example it could be a physical property owner, a real estate investment trust or even a government.

Guidelines For Guest Post on G6 Lands

-Format your article to be around 500-750 words 

-Be relevant to my blog 

-The article must be published online somewhere (not only in a blog post) within 4 months from when it was submitted for consideration. If you have an exclusive contract with an author publication or self publishing company, then we will consider your submission as long as it’s published by the end of 2019. If you cannot meet this requirement, please do not submit.

-I am looking for writers who are published authors or have a track record of writing published articles on their blog or website. 

-All articles will be approved based on the results of a plagiarism check. Please do not plagiarize or copy/paste articles from other sources.

-If you are an author and would like to write for us, please email us your article link and subject line at.

-We do not accept book reviews, please do not send them.

-Write in English Language. Even the Vietnamese language Accepted. 

-Please attach your previous article sample or a sample of your blog.

-You must be able to provide a link to your full bio and social media profiles.

-We are looking for writers whose writing can generate high traffic and have good Google rankings.

Please send the article file attached in .doc, .docx, or .txt format. The title of the article must include “G6 Landscapes Guest Post”. Please put your name in the file itself.

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