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It’s not only the cold that gets the juices flowing. During the winter months, I think of myself as an expert in every aspect of real estate, whether it is home buying, selling, renting, or flipping. I have been in the industry for over 20+ years, so I am in a bit of a league of my own.

I have always been the type of person that has some knowledge of the real estate market. However, during my professional experience, I have seen so many things change, so much that I cannot even really describe it all.

When I was an undergrad I was a very active member of the real estate community, I really felt like I had a lot to offer the world. I was involved in a lot of the major community projects, and I was also the president of the local chapter of the National Association of Realtors.

I’m not sure if this is a bad thing, but my experience has been that the greater the involvement in the real estate industry, the better the quality of life for the people involved. It’s interesting to note that the people I was involved with were basically doing what they wanted to do – working very hard and being very successful. I guess the point is that now that I have more knowledge about the real estate market, I can’t see why I have changed on so many other fronts.

In an effort to get out of debt and in order to provide a good quality of life to my family, I am considering real estate. But I have a problem with the fact that I am considered to be in a bad financial situation. I believe that I could probably make a better living as a real estate broker than as a home owner.

Not sure what you mean by, “I could probably make a better living as a real estate broker than as a home owner.” I can see that you are making a statement, but it does not seem to be a good one.

I think that real estate is a good way to solve debt problems. But I don’t believe that you can make a good living as a real estate broker. You can make a good living as a real estate lawyer or as a real estate appraiser, but you cannot make a good living as a real estate broker. I know that a lot of brokers are good at doing appraisals, but they don’t have the ability to work a real estate deal.

True. In the real estate business, the role of the broker is to make the deal go down smoothly. Many brokers are good at this and good at making deals go down smoothly. But the person who makes a deal go smoothly is not necessarily the person who makes a deal go down.

While you can work on a deal, you cannot work on a deal. You cannot deal with the parties involved in the transaction as well as you could. If you are a broker and you have no idea what happened in the transaction, you cannot say to the parties involved, “Well, we went out to dinner and I said, ‘Hey, we have a nice property here and you’re all going to have to build it up. So, you should probably do that.

For the most part, my dealings with real estate agents have always involved trying to keep them out of the way. There are several exceptions to this rule. When I was in the industry I used to do my business with one of the big real estate firms and I would do it with the entire firm. I had no idea what was going on, but I would let the parties involved work it out.

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