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This is a true story about a real estate agent who was asked to move a family of about five people into a new house. The house was in Washington, D.C. and he was told that the city building code requires all new homes to have a kitchen.

The house was in Washington, D.C. and the family was homeless or poor, and so the code was a bit of a stretch. The agent’s solution was to build a kitchen in the basement and then add on a bedroom and bathroom upstairs. He also put in a washer and dryer and a garbage chute, but I think the point is that he did it all in such a way that it would be pretty hard for the police to break in and seize the place.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” “Oh, I live in a house and my family is homeless.” “That’s not a crime.” “But the code says you have to have a kitchen.” “Well, if I’m still a house, I’m just going to have to build an apartment.” “That’s fine. I just think a kitchen is a bit of a stretch.

I don’t know about you, but this is what I feel when I’m looking at a house or apartment. Not just the view, but the way that it makes me feel about the space.

Some people look at houses or apartments as an extension of their personality. We think so too, but in America this is a very dangerous sentiment. Those people often don’t realize that when they’re on vacation, they’re not the same person they were when they lived in their own place. Even if they do, they’re still not the same person.

A house or apartment is a place that we have a great deal of control over. For example, I can make myself a bed, a table, a lamp, and a chair. I can decide that I want a certain TV on or off, or that I want to have the shades on my blinds or shades on my shades. I can even decide what kind of carpet to put on the floors. All of these decisions are on my person during my stay.

That said, house ownership is not the same as buying a home. Buying a home comes with a lot of benefits, and I don’t think we can do a great job of talking about them here. Some of the benefits of owning a home are that you are part of a community, you get a tax break, and you get a lot more security than buying a house without any of the above benefits.

But the real reason we buy a home is that it gives us a lot of control over where we live and how we live. To be able to have that control, you have to live in a home, and for most people owning a home is a big part of their identity. If you are not happy in your current home, you lose that control. If you are unhappy and want to move somewhere else, that is something you can do, but you are not required to move.

Most people are not happy in their current homes. People who have spent a lifetime in their current home do not want to move.

Not only do they lose that control, but they also get more work done than they ever dreamed of doing. In fact, the average new home owner will spend about $7,000 to build a new home, and that is likely one of the largest single outlays in the entire economy.

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