real estate st patrick’s day: Expectations vs. Reality

Real estate agents are one of the most misunderstood professions out there, and now with the influx of competition, people are even more reluctant to engage with them.

Most of the common perception is that real estate agents are overly aggressive, and that they tend to take advantage of people. Many people also believe that real estate agents don’t care about their clients. This is, in my opinion, a myth. Most people will probably tell you that they’d rather give you a great price than a crappy one, but what they don’t seem to understand is that they aren’t going to have the money to pay you to do what they want.

What most people dont understand is that real estate agents are the people that are most responsible for their clients being at the end of their financial rope.

People who are making huge bucks from their real estate business often dont understand the importance of keeping your clients on their toes. They do make good money, but they dont understand that they cant do it all by themselves.

Sure, if your clients love you, but arent going to be able to pay you what you are asking them to pay you…then maybe it is time to ask for a “sales” commission. That is, if you are a real estate agent and you are charging a commission for your services.

The real estate agent that you work for is not someone that is going to take the time to read through your contract in detail and make sure that you are paying what is written in the contract. They are someone who is going to negotiate the best price they can get for you. Then there is the real estate agent who is always willing to give you a commission, but he also has to take time out of his day to explain to you why you are getting that commission.

That’s where real estate agents get really stupid and do things that are just plain dangerous. The real estate agent that you work for is someone who is going to give you a commission just because they have no other choice. Now, I’m not going to say that they are necessarily going to do that, but they are going to be the first to be ready to do that and pay the highest price possible.

Now I know that we are all a little bit confused and confused at what real estate agents are, but I think that you all get it about what real estate agents do.

You see, real estate agents are agents of the people, and the people are the people. They are a realtor, and they are also the ones who are going to be paying your commission. In other words, you have to be in the position to actually make the deal happen.

That is why you are going to be paying a commission in real estate. Now I know that this was not the most exciting thing to hear, but it did make the point that real estate agents are the best thing since sliced bread.

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