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In this episode I discuss the best way to buy or sell a home in the west coast. I also introduce you to the West Coast Association of Realtors (WCAR) and discuss the benefits of selling your home at a discount when buying your home in the west.

The best way to buy or sell a home in the west is to buy in the west. That’s because there are lots of properties for sale in the west coast that are not selling in the west. It’s not that the west coast is just a bunch of expensive real estate or that it’s just not as desirable as the east coast. In fact, there are a lot of homes for sale in the west that are not even on the market.

Buyers are buying in the west for the same reason that sellers are buying in the west, because the west is where the west coast’s real estate market is. Even though the north and south coasts of the US have plenty of well-priced real estate, the West has lots of homes for sale that are not on the market.

The problem is that west coast real estate is actually quite expensive. In fact, it’s not uncommon for buyers to pay as much as 6x the asking price for a home in the west coast. This is because of the high cost of land and the high demand for land. As a result, buying a home in the west will cost more than just buying a home in the east. It’s not just the higher prices buyers pay.

One of the biggest challenges with buying real estate is the high cost of land in the west. If buyers pay 6x the asking price for a home in the west coast, they are basically paying the same amount as a buyer in the east, but with the added benefit of the land. It is actually quite hard to find land that has a 4-5-page application fee, an 8-page application form, and a 4-page property report.

The problem with this is that it is extremely difficult to get all of these costs under control. If a buyer pays the 6x price and they get all of these extras, then they are essentially paying the exact same amount as if they bought a real estate in the east. Of course, they may also be paying more money because they are paying in cash.

When we look at a land, we always see a large amount of red ink. We tend to think that this is because the land is in a state of foreclosure. However, this is completely wrong. The amount of red ink is because the county (and state) has been charging the land for the past several years.

The reason for this is that the land is not actually in foreclosure. It is in the process of being foreclosed upon. This is because the county and state have been charging the land for years. The land was not in foreclosure until recently.

The county and state are, in fact, foreclosing the land, it is simply being foreclosed over. Land foreclosure is a process by which the owner of the property files for an order requiring the property be sold to satisfy the tax bill. The foreclosure is initiated by the county or state, and then the property owner must pay what is owed and make other arrangements to keep the property current.

There are several reasons why foreclosures are on. The most important is that the county or state can get the property tax bill from the property owner, so they can claim it as a foreclosed property. This allows the county or state to keep the property, and the bank can then sell the property (and the bank gets the tax bill) at a higher price than the actual market value.

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