How to Use Mystery Shopping to Train Your Employees


Picture this: You walk into a store and are greeted by an employee who seems less than thrilled to be there. They provide minimal assistance as you browse the aisles, and when you finally check out, the transaction feels impersonal and rushed. Now imagine that this experience was being closely monitored and evaluated by a mystery shopping provider, who was observing everything from the employee’s body language to the cleanliness of the store.

Mystery shopping is more than just a tool for evaluating customer service experiences. It is a powerful coaching and training tool that can be used to improve the overall customer experience and consumer trends. Mystery shoppers are trained to provide objective, detailed feedback on every aspect of the customer service experience. This allows the companies to find out certain areas that require improvement. They can implement the changes to provide positive experiences to the customers.

Moreover, secret shopping can also provide valuable insights into consumer trends and spending habits. By analyzing the feedback provided by mystery shoppers, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their target audience and adjust their strategies accordingly. This information can help companies stay ahead of the competition and drive success.

How Does Mystery Shopping Help Coach and Train Employees?

By leveraging this mystery shopping solution, businesses of all sizes can improve the customer experience and gain a competitive advantage in their industry by training their employees effectively. Following are some of the most effective ways to do that.

1. Evaluating Performances Individually

When it comes to evaluating employee performance, relying solely on periodic in-house assessments can leave a lot of room for error and inconsistency. After all, employees may behave differently when they know they’re being observed by their superiors. That’s why incorporating mystery shopping research into your evaluation process can provide a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of employee performance.

Mystery shopping involves hiring third-party evaluators to pose as customers and assess the quality of service your employees provide. These mystery shoppers provide detailed reports on their experience, highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. This information can be used in conjunction with your own performance evaluations to get a more complete picture of each employee’s strengths and areas for improvement.

By using mystery shopping in tandem with in-house evaluations, you can identify patterns in performance and gain a more accurate understanding of each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. This information can then be used to create a targeted improvement plan tailored to each employee’s needs.

2. Start Discussions With Your Staff Members

Mystery shopping can be a powerful tool for kick-starting staff discussions and improving the overall customer experience. By providing a comprehensive perspective on the shopper’s experience, mystery shopping can help you identify areas where your staff is excelling and where they need improvement.

When mystery shopper interacts with your staff, they are not only evaluating individual performance but also the overall customer experience, from the products on display to the store environment. By sharing the feedback from mystery shoppers with your entire staff, you can generate discussions about how to improve the customer experience from start to finish.

These staff discussions can reveal challenges shared across all levels and locations, providing a valuable opportunity to identify common themes and develop solutions that can be implemented company-wide.

3. Enhancing Orientation and Training

New employees are the lifeblood of any successful business, but ensuring they are well-trained and properly oriented to company standards can be a daunting task. That’s why incorporating a mystery shopping program that focuses on training can be an effective way to enhance the orientation and training process for new staff members.

By using mystery shopping to evaluate the customer experience, you can identify areas where new employees may need additional training or support. This feedback can be used to develop tailored training videos, step-by-step coaching sessions, and strategies that are hyper-focused on improving the performance of new employees.


Mystery shopping services help boost employee productivity and evaluate their performance to provide outstanding results. Implement the techniques right now and see a boost in your business growth.

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